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Video Creator


Maira Medrano

Every business needs a video!


  • Video Styles:

-Corperate (Promo)
-Documentary (Storytelling)
-Music Video
-Real Estate (VR stills)
-Educational (How-to, explainer)
-Social Media


  • Add-Ons/Options:

-Voice overs
-Drone Shots
-Ground footagenj-Video edits
-Timed videos
-Ground footage
-Background music



No worries, if this is your first time getting a video made for your project I will provide a template with questions that will help me understand what you need.



I still remember the day I held my first digital camera. My mom had saved up just enough money to buy one, and I couldn't stop taking dumb pictures and videos of everything because I never wanted to forget what it was like being a child. My English school teachers would always comment on my essays because they believed I had excellent narration skills, as well as in art and music.

I went ahead and persued that "thing" I really enjoyed I didn't have a name for when I was a kid. Since then, I've had the tremendous pleasure of being a part of several diferent projects. I've worked with a Real Estate Association, Sustainable Rainforest Nonprofit Organization, Cannabis Growth Center, Health Coaching and Artisans. 

Although, my job may seem like a short-term deal I consider it long-term, because most of the clients I work with have an ongoing business that continues to innovate. The biggest reward I can take from my job is when my clients succeed. That's the real mission.


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“I'm interested in working with individuals that want to make a positive impact for their communities and the environment."
"I believe we are all artists that want to grow and share a bit of us with the world. I love working beside coaches, investors, artists, musicians, professors, politicians, chefs, business owners, you name it."
"Proximity is power.”
                   -Tony Robbins


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